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It’s impossible to wish my Chinese Malaysian friends and relatives a happy and prosperous New Year of the Monkey, as I heartily do, without making the all-too-obvious observation that they and their fellow citizens of all races and creeds are treated like monkeys by the money-mad monyets (monkeys) of Umno-BN every day of every year, and have been for decades.

In fact the members, cronies and supporters of this simian regime not only make monkeys out of the Malaysian people with their incessant indulgence in monkey business, but - to add insult to injury - they demand that the populace pose, like the three proverbial allegedly wise monkeys, as if they are deaf, dumb and blind to the depravations of the ‘Umnoputra-primates’.

And now these humanoids have upped the ante on their antics by engaging in such a vicious gorilla gang war over factional control of Malaysia’s monyet /monkey/money business that it looks for all the world like a billions-of-ringgit remake of the classic primate movie, Planet of the Apes .

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