To hell with ‘HLGBTs’

Opinion  |  Dean Johns
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COMMENT | The recent caning of two women in Terengganu for their alleged attempt to have sexual relations has had at least one positive outcome.

No, it isn’t what state exco member in charge of syariah implementation Satiful Bahri Mamat claimed - to “educate the public on Islamic law”, neither is it to remind people not to commit illicit sex, or what he called a “cancer on society”.

The silver lining here is that it has inspired an outpouring of outrage against the persecution of people of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and other persuasions, or, in short, LGBTs.

But I’m tempted to go further than just defending these entirely blameless LGBTs, as I and many others have done for decades.

I am here to expose, excoriate and I hope deeply offend all the other truly evil beings I’d like to call HLGBTs or even HelLGBTs.

They are the Hypocrites among all the Latents, God-botherers, Bullies and Touts who threaten the LGBTs with everything from revilement to the rotan for their own rotten purposes.

H for hypocrisy

In my humble opinion, this is what characterises many if not most of the haters hell-bent on shaming, stigmatising, criminalising or even advocating ‘curing’ those of their fellow human-beings they presume to define as sexual deviants. And these hypocrites come in many guises and disguises.

L for latents

Latents are, for example, people who know or suspect themselves to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, but out of fear of exposure and its possible consequences, strive to hide their true sexual orientations.

They mask their identity by hypocritically criticising and attacking others who’ve had the courage to come out of the closet.

In other words, people who ‘protest too much’ against what they purport to deplore in others for the purpose of concealing similar proclivities of their own are all too commonly latents who are blatantly lying.

G for God-botherers

This bunch, like the latents, frequently fake it too, in the hope that their displays of false piety on one issue, in this case, allegedly ‘sinful’ expressions of sexuality, blinds the rest of us to their profanity in most others.

As in the cases of Malaysia’s now - and I hope forever-defunct Umno/BN regime and its on-again-off-again partners in PAS, who apparently still persists in their delusion that the flogging, as in caning of offenders against allegedly ‘ungodly’ sexual preferences and practices, diverts our attention from the party’s flogging, as in stealing the rights, privileges, riches and even the lives of the people, faithful and infidel alike.

Of course, the most infamous examples of such God-forsaken hypocrisy were the two jailings of Anwar Ibrahim on charges of sodomy brought against him by the notoriously nation-sodomising and fraudulently sanctimonious Umno/BN regime.

But lest any reader imagine that I’m coming on anti-Islamic here, let me hasten to say that Christianity, into one of whose countless competitive sects I was born and initially indoctrinated, has hypocritically stolen far more loot and lives in the course of its God-forsaken history of unholy ‘holy’ wars, and suppressed more people of all possible nations, races, sexes and other creeds than most Muslims could possibly imagine...

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