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COMMENT | Azmin Ali - the most vilified politician today?

COMMENT | Has Azmin Ali been unfairly vilified by the media? His acolytes and supporters would think so. But the majority of Malaysians know better.

No, I don’t think the media has crucified him. Even if some journalists loathe the sight of Azmin, for whatever reason, they do not have to write or say anything negative about the senior minister.

His fellow politicians are already doing the talking, and in my opinion, were right to size up Azmin, pitting him as the most untrustworthy and dishonourable politician in the country today.

Anwar Ibrahim called him “arrogant”. Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow called him “lazy”.

On May 4, Umno leaders Khaled Nordin and Abdul Rahman Dahlan Umno leaders ticked off Azmin over... 

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