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COMMENT | Sacrificing our humanity in order to protect ourselves

COMMENT | The number of Covid-19 infections has really been giving us Malaysians a rollercoaster ride these last few days. It went up to close to 200 for two days, the highest it has ever been since the movement control order (MCO). Then, it drastically dropped to 15 the day before and then 10 yesterday.

What’s going on? Well, for the two days when it was close to 200, the authorities have clarified that a majority of the infections occurred among illegal migrant detainees in several immigration depots around the country. The authorities also added that Malaysians do need to worry since these infections are contained.

I have to honestly admit that it is a big relief to find out that the big infection clusters are contained and that, I, as a normal Malaysian citizen, won’t be exposed to it. And once the testings in the depots have been done, we get to see that the open infections around the country are at a very low rate.

This begs the question if we are actually doing the right thing ... 

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