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COMMENT | Veterans' political party - long-term threat to civilian control of military?

COMMENT | A group of armed forces veterans have formed a political party called Parti Kemakmuran Negara (PKN).

They are seeking recognition from the Registrar of Societies so they can field in GE15 some 50 candidates they have identified in seats which have military camps and a large concentration of retired personnel.

They say the main reason for PKN’s formation is to fight for quicker resolution of long-standing issues concerning salary and pensions.

Also, another motive is that PKN is dismayed at the current state of national governance. They imply they can do better, claiming to have capable and highly educated people in their ranks.

Presumably, these people should be given a chance to prove their mettle.

In a democracy, there is nothing wrong with political activism by interest groups. And the armed forces veterans are indeed that - an interest group.

Like trade unions or any other interest group, they have a right to...

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