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COMMENT | Israel: Malaysian youths go from boycott fever to protest apathy

COMMENT | Globally, Generation Z is known for being progressive, socially aware and willing to mobilise for diverse causes. Malaysian Gen Z youths are no different.

Today’s youth are seen protesting peacefully for their right to vote and calling out teachers and the Malaysian education system for perpetuating sexual harassment and assault of students. This is in addition to speaking out on global issues such as climate change, the failures of capitalism and various atrocities happening around the world.

One of the numerous atrocities gaining significant attention amongst the youth, especially on social media, is the Palestinian-Israeli conflict that continues to ravage Palestinians to this day.

Among other acts, Malaysian youths tend to utilise brand boycotts as a form of protest. Much like Zoomers from all over the world, youths in Malaysia have become increasingly aware of the importance of their voices being heard, especially in terms of brands and consumerism.

Our young people recognise that it is all about...

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