COMMENT | Jokers we put up, jokers we must bring down

COMMENT | Before I start linking jokers to cabinet ministers, I must caution myself to be extra careful with what I pen here.

On Wednesday, a police report was lodged against social media posts and an article for alleged insults against Health Minister Dr Adham Baba.

The report was allegedly filed by a lawyer on behalf of Adham over the Spanish Fly/Spanish Flu gaffe involving the minister.

I’m not sure if this was the first time that Malaysians who have poked fun at ministers were threatened with police action, but I’m sure it would not be the last.

To comedians Douglas Lim, Harith Iskander, Allan Perera and Jason Leong, thank you so much for making us laugh amidst these dark days but better watch your mouth too, guys! There are overly sensitive people up there who do not understand comedy. Don’t say you have not been warned!

Ah, take note that you are not Jimmy Fallon, who could mess up President Donald Trump’s hair on national TV. Neither are you Fox News anchors who have been digging in at “Sleepy Joe” Biden’s mental faculty of late.

Oh, this is Malaysia, after all, and our ministers are extremely protective of this thing we call “face”. Some find it impossible and totally shameful to lose “muka”, although strangely enough, they were unaware that they were unfit for the job in the first place.

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