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COMMENT | The four faces of Muhyiddin Yassin

COMMENT | Saviour, gambler, Machiavelli or coward? Which one represents the real Muhyiddin Yassin?

Does the prime minister stand for anything? Apart from his very strong pro-Malay stance, what are his real political beliefs? Does anyone know? Does he?

Trying to figure out Muhyiddin is like prising open a durian from an unknown source. You wonder if you will discover the creamy golden flesh of a good pedigree, or find pale, insipid looking fruit that is crawling with maggots.

We know now. Eighteen months after seizing power, Muhyiddin's tenure is riddled with confusion, contradiction and incompetence. He is a poor judge of character and surrounds himself with deadwood, has-beens and incompetents.

How does one trust a person who cannot bring himself to use the name that he was born with, which is Mahiaddin Md Yasin? We have only known him by his alias, during his five decades in politics. So why did he use the variant, Muhyiddin?

When an observant and clever lawyer, acting for a Sabahan who was alleged to have trafficked drugs, found the technical flaw, the High Court had no alternative but to free the man. Muhyiddin, who was then the home minister, had signed the Sabahan's detention order, for two years, using his alias.

Many Malaysians are very accepting and complacent...

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