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COMMENT | After Muhyiddin steps down, then what?

COMMENT | Assuming Muhyiddin Yassin finally throws in the towel today, what is likely to happen tomorrow?

Will our politicians be staring blankly at each other because they have absolutely no idea what to do if the prime minister resigns abruptly today?

So, after Muhyiddin steps down, then what? This is a very serious question which begs an answer that must honestly reassure Malaysians that a Plan B is already in place to tackle the immediate woes plaguing the nation.

Those keen to form the next government must also convince Malaysians that they are able to deliver. Anything less will not do. Malaysians have enough of lies and broken promises; more than enough to probably last a lifetime.

My main concern is that there seems to be nothing in place, no Plan B by the opposition if and when Muhyiddin eventually steps down.

And all these could be happening over the next few days or within the next one to three weeks before Parliament is scheduled to meet on Sept 6.

I write this as the prime minister is at a crisis meeting with PN leaders and allies from Umno, GPS, MCA, MIC, Star and PBRS.

He had earlier summoned them for the meeting at his office in Putrajaya in the wake of news that Istana Negara had requested the prime minister to expedite the Parliament sitting...

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