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COMMENT | Can Anwar be the next prime minister?

COMMENT | Now that Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin looks set to tender his resignation imminently, following his disastrous televised address to the nation on Aug 13, let us focus our attention on his potential successors.

It is anticipated that the Agong will appoint either Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim or a nominee from Umno who is yet unknown.

I submit that Anwar is the ideal candidate to lead the country out of the current multiple political, health and economic crises which have devastated the nation as never before.

Founder of the Reformasi movement more than two decades ago, Anwar has consistently campaigned to bring systemic reforms to transform Malaysia into a progressive and prosperous multi-racial Malaysia.

He would have succeeded many years ago if not for our notoriously skewed electoral system which perpetuated the BN government’s corrupt rule.

The 2018 electoral victory by the opposition alliance Pakatan Harapan... 

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