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COMMENT | Call me naive, but let's give the deal a chance

COMMENT | I have been writing about the need for a Confidence and Supply Agreement (CSA) in the federal government for a long time. Well, actually ever since the Sheraton Move happened and Pakatan Harapan was pushed out of power.

I noted that there were many minority governments around the world that worked quite well.

In fact, I wrote about how the Perak government was one of the first to come up with a CSA after Ahmad Faizal Azumu was voted out of the menteri besar office.

The government and the opposition managed to come to an agreement in order to govern the state without any major conflicts. It was quite inspiring.

A CSA is a very mature and civil way for governments to move forward. Nobody said the only way for a government to be able to do a proper job is if the ruling party or coalition has a supermajority (or two-thirds majority in Malaysia).

Sure, it would enable them to do things without conflict. But it also means...

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