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COMMENT | Despite floods destroying their livelihood, these doctors soldier on

COMMENT | Taman Sri Muda in Shah Alam is very close to where I live. So close that there are certain things there that are considered regular elements in my lifestyle. For example, my regular auto bodywork shop is there. The nearest police station for me to obtain permission to travel during the MCO (Movement Control Order) was there. But not near enough for my neighbourhood to be affected by the devastating floods that happened last week.

It also meant that I could not ignore the obvious responsibility to provide help for my neighbours. Both my wife and I have been doing a little bit of what we can. We dedicated the proceeds of the sales of some of our books in order to gather some funds to buy necessary items for families affected, and we also dedicated a bit of our time and manpower.

That is the little that we can do. There are many others who are doing much more than us that is very inspiring to see as we move into the new year. It also gives hope and positivity especially as we have been going through a tough two years. So I would like to highlight a story that I found during one of my trips to Taman Seri Muda.

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