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COMMENT | MACC – 'Mana ada corruption case'

COMMENT | The old joke goes that MACC stands for “mana ada corruption case” when it comes to certain VVIPs. Now, it may have hit right back home when the very chief of MACC himself, Azam Baki, was shown to own almost two million company shares.

Was his civil servant salary enough to pay for it all? Or did he follow the “glorious” example of the Birkin bag lady, who claimed that she “menabung dari kecil” (saved up from young) to buy her luxury handbags, jewellery and watches?

No, instead the explanation given by the MACC Advisory Board (LPPR in Malay) was that the household dog, I mean cat, had eaten up the homework – namely that his account had been used by his brother to buy the shares.

Well, well, are we to believe that Azam has a very rich brother? Who did not even have his own share trading account? And was willing to risk 10 years in jail to “borrow” Azam’s account?

National comedy

Azam-gate can seem like our national comedy show being repeated. When the world was talking about Malaysian kleptocracy, there was NFA or “no further action” by MACC.

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