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COMMENT | Govt clueless about Mat Lajak, Mat Rempit menace

COMMENT | For most Mat Rempits and Mat Basikals (Mat Lajaks), it is not just the thrill of the race, or of winning. It is the fame attached to being a champion. It is about sticking two fingers up at the police and a triumph of sorts at being able to defy one's parents.

If you've been surrounded by a gang of Mat Rempits (boy racers) on the road, then you will know that the experience is both frightening and horrid. If it is at night, and you appear to be the only motorist who is not part of the Mat Rempit's band of spectators, you will feel extremely vulnerable.

Being surrounded by a gang of Mat Lajaks (Mat Basikals) is no different or any safer, just because they are on bicycles.

I, like many other road-users, have been traumatised by the Mat Rempit menace. One reason I have not come across Mat Basikals is probably because there are few hills in the roads near to where I live.

Mat Rempits, like Mat Lajaks, appear out of nowhere and drive close to you without keeping a safe distance. They weave in and out of traffic and do not care about road ...

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