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COMMENT | Party polls delay shows Umno is morally bankrupt

COMMENT | When Umno delegates unanimously voted last week for a constitutional amendment which delays its elections for a further six months after the general elections, there is no other conclusion to come to other than that Umno is morally bankrupt.

The decision of the delegates to readily give up their right to choose new leaders after a slew of scandals which saw the former PM and Umno president Najib Razak convicted and Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi facing multiple charges of corruption is not only puzzling but extremely concerning.

This raises the question of whether such a leadership, which is looking out for itself and maintaining tainted leaders in power indefinitely deserves to be supported by the people. Is such a leadership fit enough to look after the interests of the Malays and ensure the legitimate rights of the non-Malays? Surely not.

Sections within Umno have been agitating for a call for early national elections but at the same time delaying their own party polls, a rather paradoxical situation which is designed to keep not only the current Umno leadership in power until the end of this year but in power for six months after the general election.

The last Umno elections were held on...

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