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COMMENT | S’pore helps Najib in laundering his reputation
Every Malaysian is familiar with “ethics in life” and will not intentionally violate them. Dress codes by government departments are needed to maintain harmony. – Cuepacs
COMMENT | Every day millions of Malaysians go about their lives. They earn a living, pay their taxes and grapple with the vagaries of life.
Some Malaysians commit crimes and suffer the consequences. Some are lucky with a good support network and they rehabilitate themselves and return to the mainstream of Malaysian life. This does not apply to the political elite in this country.
When the Singapore government chose to meet up with Najib Abdul Razak and chose to publicise such a meeting, it did more than just dishonour Malaysians.
What this meeting did was normalise the corruption and malfeasances of Umno and indicate that whatever connective tissue between the corruption of the Umno state and the entrepôt was not an aberration but rather a political calculation of mutual interests and political hegemony.
Keep in mind that the former prime minister is not merely a convicted criminal waiting on an appeal. He is a part of a cabal which is actively destabilising the public institutions of this country in an attempt to engineer a reversal of fortune.
And if that wasn’t bad enough, he is also mired...
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