COMMENT | It’s been 2 years, Federal Court must dispense swift justice

COMMENT | The latest twist in Abdul Najib Razak’s trial - an application to postpone the hearing date for his appeal against conviction in the SRC trial fixed for 10 days from Aug 15 - is likely to put a lot of pressure on the Federal Court.

But one expects that the apex court will resist such pressures and consider the weight of evidence to ensure that the spirit, rule and letter of the law will prevail against attempts to nullify entire court proceedings and to needlessly and insidiously slow the administration of justice.

In this instance, there is a very strong case for the long-standing legal maxim, justice delayed is justice denied, where a protracted delay - two years today - has already happened. It would be hard to justify further delay.

In the intervening period, Najib, a convict, has had the full run of the field and unfettered opportunity to influence public opinion, including denying crimes he has already been found guilty of as well as those for which charges have been pressed, alleging conspiracy, amongst other things.

In a letter from his new lawyers from law firm Zaid Ibrahim Suflan TH Liew & Partners to the Federal Court dated yesterday, the legal team said the request for postponement is because...

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