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COMMENT | Royal pardon: Be careful what you wish for

COMMENT | Desperate to prolong his days as a free man, the convicted felon, Najib Abdul Razak, has requested a postponement in his SRC appeal hearing, but more importantly, he has denied that he would like a royal pardon. We know that the reality is, in fact, the opposite.

Najib has sought to portray himself as a victim of the corruption crimes, and has claimed that he wants to be tried fairly in court because that is 'the only way to clear his name'.

He dismissed the attempts of the NGO, Pertubuhan Sahabat Ulul Amri Malaysia (PSUAM), to seek a royal pardon for him. He denied that he had requested PSUAM to act on his behalf.

After both he and his lawyer had apparently employed various delay tactics to attend court, the rakyat...

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