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COMMENT | DAP’s detrimental ambivalence on GE15

COMMENT | The biggest blunder that DAP secretary-general Anthony Loke has made in the five months since ascending to the post in March this year is to thoughtlessly announce that the party is prepared to work with Umno post the 15th general elections.

Following on the heels of DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang’s statement last month that he would work with former PM Najib Abdul Razak if he condemned the 1MDB scandal, it must raise the question of what exactly DAP’s stand is come the next elections.

Even before GE15 is over, it's already thinking about what it will do if it loses - that is, it fails to take power under the Pakatan Harapan banner. Is that the way that anyone should go into battle - especially a do-or-die type like the next one?

Like Loke said, anything is possible in politics. That’s a statement made to justify mistakes, abandonment of ethical principles and even the embracing of corrupt practices for political expediency - the craving to get into and stay in power at all costs.

The first thing that strikes the mind is that DAP contributed to and helped along actively the fatal flaw of working with Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his Bersatu despite widespread mistrust of the man and his history of persecuting Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng. Mistake number 1.

Now, if they do work with...

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