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COMMENT | GE15 a ‘get out of jail free card’ for some leaders

COMMENT | One of the rather ridiculous things about Malaysian politics is that many prominent politicians have made the pardon of a convict and a criminal responsible for the loss of billions of ringgit from state development company 1MDB the centrepiece of their campaign.

They are trying to spin the tall, untrue story that former prime minister and prime mover of 1MDB Najib Abdul Razak was selectively prosecuted by the former Pakatan Harapan government and unfairly convicted even though there has been a unanimous decision by the Federal Court for one series of offences.

And there are multiple charges against Najib in ongoing court cases which are currently being heard and which involve billions of ringgit in monies received and laundered, some of it through our own banking system.

That they can actually contemplate such a thing is beyond comprehension for most ordinary, reasonable people but that they can, not only do something like this but make it one of the key points in campaigning for the elections, show how much they are out of touch with reality and how desperate they are.

That also reflects self-interest and provides an avenue for them to possibly escape charges against them for various corruption and money-laundering charges if they are able to come to power and control the apparatus for charging and prosecution in the country.

Top of the list of these people is...

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