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COMMENT | Charles Santiago – the party or the man

“I will say this openly. I am thankful to (Charles) for being magnanimous and being a party man.”

– DAP secretary-general Anthony Loke

COMMENT | The incumbent Klang MP said recently that "DAP was the platform I chose, and it has been the best platform for me to do so, for which I am forever grateful. I was not in politics to build my faction." This right here, is why the people of Klang need Charles more than ever.

I have no idea why Anthony Loke, who by the way as a leader of the party passed the buck to Gobind Sigh Deo, decided to do the dirty on Charles when everything was settled.

Charles was booted out; he accepted the decision and did a bit of cheerleading for the new party man. However, this was not enough it would seem.

The DAP is banking on the fact that people...

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