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COMMENT | Harapan should campaign on its manifesto, not anti-Zahid rhetoric

“PSM is surprised that BN is painting the nation red for this general election with a manifesto containing promises right out of a socialist handbook.”

– PSM deputy chairperson S Arutchelvan as reported in the press

COMMENT | This is the key right here. Some folks are dismissive of campaign manifestos and who can blame them?

However, this election is a bit different. Both BN and Pakatan Harapan have put forward manifestos that demonstrate that both coalitions understand the need for an inclusive national agenda and a needs-based approach to the economic disparities in the various communities.

For the Malay uber alles establishment, this is one of the least uber alles manifestos they have come up with. Why? Because they are desperate and realise that every vote counts.

For partisans, this does not really matter. Both sides view the other's campaign promises as pie-in-the-sky propaganda but for the undecided and fence-sitting voters, the way how candidates transmit their messages is important.

Nobody is really going through the manifesto but rather they are waiting for political operatives to tell them how they are going to make their lives better.

BN-Umno has a track record of running the country with stability – and yes, people forget the plundering when their lives are good – and this makes it easier for them to sell the stability...

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