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COMMENT | New era of coalition politics

COMMENT | Malaysia has a hung Parliament as a result of the voting in the 15th general election yesterday.

Malaysia is in the new era of coalition politics and I advocate a coalition government of Pakatan Harapan (82 MPs), Perikatan Nasional (73 MPs) and Borneo Bloc (35 MPs) under Anwar Ibrahim as prime minister to form a coalition with the specific programme to reverse Malaysia’s decline to make Malaysia a great world-class nation and to fight corruption.

This “Make Malaysia great again” coalition will have 190 MPs, which is more than two-thirds of the 222 parliamentary seats that can amend the Malaysian constitution to restore to Sarawak and Sabah their rights according to the Malaysia Agreement 1963.

BN-Umno has suffered the worst defeat in its history, and Ahmad Zahid Hamidi should...

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