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COMMENT | 7 reasons to support a unity government

COMMENT | I had thought it was “Game Over”, the end of any unity government, after Barisan Nasional (BN) announced that they preferred to be a neutral opposition, rather than team up with Pakatan Harapan.

So it was quite surprising to hear that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong had suggested a unity government between Pakatan Harapan and Perikatan Nasional (PN). But PN chairperson Muhyiddin Yassin had rejected the proposal, in a seemingly brusque manner.

“We will not cooperate with Harapan. No matter what the purpose is, we will not agree to it,” he said. Wow, “no matter” even if it’s for the stability and progress of the nation? That seems rather arrogant.

Apparently, the Agong had good intentions to have a government that represents “all races and all regions”, and “to be inclusive in all respects”, judging from Anwar Ibrahim’s version of his meeting with the Agong. And Anwar was far more polite in saying he had “accepted the view of His Majesty to give us some time and to give consideration and wisdom to decide on this".

The reason for Muhyiddin’s blunt rejection of the Agong’s suggestion must be a feeling of anger since he claims to have SDs (statutory declarations) from 115 MPs in the bag. But his dodgy mathematics probably cunningly included those from... 

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