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COMMENT | Can we have better opposition to challenge govt?

COMMENT | I will be truthful and say that I have been happy so far with the new Pakatan Harapan coalition government with Anwar Ibrahim as the prime minister.

Although I do realise that it has only been slightly over a month, he has said and done the right things. This is the same with the rest of the cabinet. With a mixture of experience and freshness, a lot of reforms and actions have been announced and initiated.

With all of this being said, it’s still early days and the new government has yet to prove that they have what it takes in the long run.

My wife and I joked that the indelible ink on our fingernails is still visible, and this could actually be a prophecy that Anwar’s administration will stand longer than the Harapan administration that won the election in 2018.

Well, this might be true.

Perikatan Nasional leaders have said that... 

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