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COMMENT | Hadi might not be able to put out fire he sparked

COMMENT | I worry for Abdul Hadi Awang. Not only do I worry for him, but I’m also beginning to be scared of him. As the days turn into weeks, Hadi is getting more and more destructive.

When a man is destructive, he is also dangerous. I think it is about time that the security apparatus that we have in this country be brought to bear on all who pose a threat to our national security, including Hadi.

I strongly urge that the PAS president be put in the “High-Risk Persons” category. His indirect salvo at the Malay rulers recently is not something that should be taken lightly.

Hadi has not said anything positive about anyone or anything after last November’s general election. Everything that came out of his mouth in the media had been negative, negatively destructive, to be precise.

It seems that to Hadi, there is nothing good about the unity government, about Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, the new ministers, especially those from Umno, or even the Malay rulers.

To the PAS president, there is possibly nothing good about this nation, that is if he and his cohorts in PAS and Perikatan Nasional are not in charge. If they are in power, then all is fine – even corruption is okay.

This is what I think of Hadi today and this is where...

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