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COMMENT | LGBTs and PAS are like red rags to bulls
COMMENT | We need not visit Hollywood to see Malaysians give the best performance of their lives. We are blessed with the Dewan Rakyat and star performers from PAS who never fail to entertain and keep us amused.

MPs from PAS cannot dazzle us with their brilliance, and so, they baffle us with their bull. For some inexplicable reason, LGBTs and PAS are like red flags to bulls.

On March 14, Pengkalan Chepa MP Ahmad Marzuk Shaary, gave a cock-and-bull story about his analysis of the LGBT community.

He said that they led a perverted lifestyle and behaved worse than animals. Marzuk said, “Bulls don't marry bulls, cows don't marry cows.”

He forgot to mention another Malaysian phenomenon. Cows which live in luxury condominiums...

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