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COMMENT | Sarawak, Sabah strike back at racists, bigots
COMMENT | Former Sarawak chief minister, the late Adenan Satem died six years ago in 2017. Many Sarawakians and others still remember him with great fondness and reverence for his short, yet fruitful and meaningful tenure as chief minister.

To me, perhaps one of Adenan’s most powerful and endearing contributions as Sarawak’s chief executive was to stand up to certain extremist groups in the peninsular who had incited racial and religious sentiments.

He would have none of their nonsensical racism and bigotry.

Adenan was always proud to declare that racial and religious tension was non-existent in Sarawak. According to the chief minister, racial harmony and religious tolerance are well known in Sarawak because there are no extremists and no one plays god in the Land of the Hornbill...

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