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COMMENT | GE15 voting analysis - Part 7: Battle for Malays
COMMENT | The most contested issue surrounding the GE15 electoral results is which coalition won the majority of Malay votes.

This final piece in the ethnic voting series, number seven, looks at Malay voting patterns in GE15. The focus is on Peninsular Malaysia, but the conclusion addresses the national Malay voting patterns including findings from Sabah and Sarawak, the subject of the two earlier pieces.

The analysis shows clearly that Perikatan Nasional (PN) won the most Malay support, as both Pakatan Harapan and Umno lost ground among Malays. The findings should not come as a surprise given the seat gains of both PAS and Bersatu, parties that won contests in Malay areas.

Please note that the finding of the microanalysis of polling stations varies only slightly from my earlier macro analysis last November, reaffirming that Malaysia is highly polarised and impactful swings took place among the Malay community in GE15...

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