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COMMENT | Younger Malaysians have regularly made each election a different, more competitive campaign.

This was especially the case in the 15th general election (GE15) when the voting age was lowered and automatic registration brought in voters who had opted not to register - disproportionately voters in their 20s.

In these coming state polls, younger voters will also be decisive in shaping the outcome.

It is also something political parties understand. Politicians are already exchanging words about the youth vote, ironically claiming it while not actually engaging youths directly or with issues that impact them.

Understanding youth voting

This fourth piece in my state elections series for Malaysiakini focuses on how the youth will be shaping the coming state campaigns.

For my analysis, I use polling station data and the electoral roll in different saluran undi (polling streams) to make statistical estimates on voting patterns, as well as develop potential scenarios to look at the impact of youth – voters under 30 – swings...

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