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COMMENT | Key to change lies with the Malays

COMMENT | Khalid Samad, the communications director for Amanah, is someone who also knows a thing or two about politics, or to be more specific, about playing politics.

On July 25, when he claimed that Umno was the best among the three Malay political parties in Malaysia, he raised many eyebrows because a few months earlier, he had been extremely critical of Umno.

He said that like Pakatan Harapan, Umno shared the same ideals when it came to politics, which is to solve issues affecting the rakyat. Really? All throughout, we thought Umno existed only for the survival of its leaders.

Khalid’s U-turn was most disconcerting; but then again, perhaps we shouldn't worry too much. Wasn’t he merely playing politics?

Today, members of the political parties are full of praise for their coalition partners in an enforced political camaraderie. We’re in the last lap leading up to the six state elections....

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