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COMMENT | When is corruption, not corruption?

COMMENT | Is Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim really a reformist, or is he just a contented man?

We lurch from one controversial misstep to another, then wonder whether Anwar’s earlier promise of cleaning up the government is on the back-burner now that he’s happy, having graduated from prime-minister-in-waiting to prime minister.

He’s achieved his life-long ambition to be prime minister whilst the rakyat are scrabbling around wondering if they have been deceived, yet again.

How does one explain the seizure of Swatch rainbow watches, Jakim’s inclusion in national policy-making, the harmonisation of federal and syariah laws, websites being blocked, the Hadith-40 module in the school curriculum, the insensitivity of the public conversion of a former Hindu, and the lack of political will to punish politicians who polarise the rakyat with the 3Rs?

Perhaps the straw that may eventually break the camel’s back is Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s discharge not amounting to an acquittal (DNAA)...

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