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COMMENT | Towergate: Payback time or political witch-hunt?
COMMENT | Is Daim Zainuddin’s ‘Towergate’ investigation the beginning of the end for the amoral, unprincipled political Malay elite and their greedy cronies? We certainly hope so.

The net is closing in on former Umno-Baru politicians, their former coalition MPs, and their cronies who became filthy rich; but first, how did they manage to amass their obscene wealth?

We allowed it to happen!

The nation’s corruption problem is well known. The revolving door between the private and public sector involves former failed politicians being rewarded for their loyalty with GLC posts, when multi-million government contracts are awarded, and when politicians freely abuse their power without fear of censure.

Missing are the howls of protest from the public about closed tenders or government contracts distributed among spouses or children of former ministers.

How did the 20-something-year-old son of...

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