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MP SPEAKS | Urgent call to investigate Bidor Immigration Depot riot

MP SPEAKS | I am deeply troubled by the regrettable incident that occurred at the Bidor Immigration Depot yesterday, where 131 undocumented migrants from Myanmar escaped after initiating a riot.

I emphasise the importance of accountability for those responsible for this breach of security, and I call for a thorough investigation to understand the circumstances surrounding the incident.

A comprehensive and transparent inquiry must be conducted to determine the root causes of the situation. We need to ascertain whether this incident is an isolated occurrence or if there have been similar incidents in the past.

Understanding the context will help us implement necessary measures to prevent such incidents from happening again in the future.

We must acknowledge the swift response of law enforcement agencies stationed at the Bidor Immigration Depot, especially the immigration personnel, who ensured the safety of their fellow officers during the escape.

Their dedication and commitment to maintaining order in challenging situations must be commended.

In the interest of transparency and justice, an independent task force of eminent persons must be established to conduct an independent investigation into the matter promptly.

Alternatively, a parliamentary select committee could also undertake this task. An unbiased examination by an independent body is crucial to instil public confidence and ensure the integrity of the investigation process.

All reports outlining outcomes of investigations into this matter must be made public to promote transparency and accountability.

The safety and security of our immigration facilities are paramount, and we must be committed to taking all necessary actions to address any shortcomings revealed through the investigation.

Authorities should also learn from this incident and implement measures to strengthen the security and management of immigration facilities across the country.

The priority must always be to uphold the rule of law and safeguard the wellbeing of our communities.

M KULA SEGARAN is the Ipoh Barat MP.

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