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COMMENT | Zahid's baseless utterances divisive and annoying
COMMENT | Oops! I missed yesterday’s deadline to register for the Central Database Hub (Padu) but why worry?

In Malaysia, it is reasonable to expect extensions and delays to accommodate as many people as possible so that the system can get enough numbers to proclaim it a success.

There are no penalties for missing the deadline but if there are, you would probably be given rebates. The longer you procrastinate, the better, because the discounts on fines for traffic offences get higher the longer it gets.

Of my own volition, I decided not to register with Padu because I did not want to “strip myself naked” (more of that later).

I do not believe the state needs all the information requested as such details are already with the Inland Revenue Board, the Employees Provident Fund, and other statutory bodies.

But then because I do not subscribe to this ridiculous attempt to get private details of myself, does that entitle people like Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to...

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