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Is there a chance for Dr Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj to become the Samy slayer in Sungai Siput?

Asked if he thought he could snag a winning margin, Dr Kumar replies: "Difficult, I think it’s very difficult." This general election marks the third time that the medical practitioner is mounting a challenge against Samy Vellu for the Parliamentary seat which registered 46,783 voters in the previous polls.

The safe seat in Perak had in the past been an MIC stronghold. Indians, making up 22.6% of the electorate, are a sizeable voting bloc while Malays and Chinese number 36.3% and 40.2% respectively. MIC chief Samy could before rely on rock solid support from Sg Siput Indians but there’s of course now the Hindraf factor to contend with.

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