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I refer to the Malaysiakini report 'Shame' caused by M'sian authorities, not transsexual .

I think the best way for Fatine and other trans-women to try and sway Malay 'public-opinion' which has traditionally frowned upon her gender issue is by using religious arguments.

Journalists and the general Malaysian masses are - excuse me for saying - rather ignorant to the fact that Shiite Islam recognises her as a woman.

I have never ventured into this discussion because of my lack of civic duty but I think it is about time people knew that there is room for Fatine and other transwomen and transmen in Islam.

It is time for intelligent journalists to go read Khomeini's Fatwa for Freedom .

While at it, they might as well browse through Lynn Conway's revealing site and take a look at the gorgeous and successful transwomen such as Bibiana Fernandez, Candis Cayne and Roberta Close.

Using religious arguments might lead one into another discussion about the validity of a school of jurisprudence other than Shafiee, but I think Ms Fatine and other Muslims might find it an easier alternative to change her ‘madzhab’ rather than conform to social pressure.

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