GM aedes testing better than nothing

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Anything that is genetically-modified, whether it is a strawberry, salmon, or a mosquito is worrying. We don’t know the full effects of gene-tampering and stories about ‘Franken-foods’ have also influenced us greatly.  

So I can understand why people are concerned and NGOs are up in arms over the GM mosquito experiment . But I am wondering if there are many more options available to the government that would reduce the number of dengue cases and deaths in Malaysia.

We know that warnings, repeated advice and reminders to curb mosquito population have all fallen on deaf ears.

Just look around you - there are far too many people who are complacent and careless about the cleanliness of their surroundings, that encourage the mosquito population.

Using insect repellents cannot be good for the health, and from what I have read, fogging doesn’t help much either.

So, if we are not responsible enough to keep our homes and surroundings clean, I think GM mosquitoes is probably the next best step. We should just let the experiment take place. After all, the mosquitoes are being released in places where people don’t live – so what’s the big problem here?

Isn’t it better to try something constructive than to whine and nit-pick any decent attempt that might reduce the number of people dying or falling seriously ill from dengue? 

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