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The clock is ticking away hauntingly for those who are detached from, hostile towards or indifferent about this hour of reckoning for Bersih 3.0 on April 28, 2012.

But there is no time or grace to waste on such people who are blind, deaf and without feelings of and for humanity's struggles to realise civilisation.

So here is a prayer for all of us who will be there united together here in Malaysia and all over the planet Earth for the betterment of Malaysia for all Malaysians:

As we track the days, hours, minutes and finally the seconds of our watch for April 28, 2012, may the heavens open up and let the rays of hope, aspiration and unity ignite our hearts.

As we walk together - north, south, east and west of this country that we call home, may the heavens raise our souls to uphold the brotherhood that we all share as part of this planet's humanity.

May our spirits not waver; may our bones not ache; may our blood not spill - for this march to sit-in and protest springs not from hatred but peace; was sowed not with divisiveness but nurtured with oneness.

Indeed as brothers and sisters of one land we have wept for far too long with hope that there will be mercy from those who stood in our ways as we pleaded for justice and fairness.

Indeed as brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends and relatives, uncles and aunts, we raised our pleas through so many channels and in so many ways and in so many times that demonstrated our peaceful ways, our tolerant spirits, our hopeful prayers.

But all was in vain.

And so, we march to sit-in and protest and ask the planet on which we occupy to send a resounding vibration to the four corners of our nation relaying our silent yet loud, peaceful yet firm, tolerant yet resolute determination to correct all that has been wronged for the past half a century in this blessed and fortunate country.

Let the heavens bless our endeavours; let the sky be the only canopy that can crown our success - for we see in this determined solidarity no jewels to be flashed; no haughty power to be grabbed; no absolute control to be harnessed.

Our quest is for all Malaysians, king and subjects. Our agenda is for all humanity. Our commitment is justice, fairness and solidarity without discrimination.

We are coming together because of national duty. We are in it together because of we have a duty to uphold our revered constitution. We will stand united because we love our King, our land and our brothers and sisters we call Malaysians.

And as we sing the ‘Negara-Ku', the deceitful, the self-glorified, the selfish, the mean, the thieving, the failures of humanity - all of them must shudder, shiver and dismantle.

Viva Malaysians. Let us show the world that peace, justice, fairness, democracy and civil liberties rightfully belong to humanity and no man (or woman) has the power and mandate to manipulate and abuse that right.

There is no democracy if it is 'managed' to serve only some hidden interests; there is no civil liberties if it is controlled and manipulated to preferred agendas of tyrants and regimes.

And we will for the Book of Records light that torch of democratic rights and strike open that spring of civil liberties merely by humbly marching peacefully and culminating in a sit-in protest for the world to witness.

May peace, safety, relief and joy be our only reward. For Malaysia is being born anew for all Malaysians. This moment of truth is ours for all Malaysians; is one for all future Malaysians. It is a defining reality for the world to emulate, making this planet a better place for all.

Let history be our witness. Let the heavens be our companion. Let the earth we stand on be our support. Let all Malaysians be for all Malaysians.

For justice must win; civil liberties must be rightfully reinstated; democracy re-ignited; peace and prosperity returned to society where it rightfully belongs.

God bless our day.