Butts incident etc reflection of leaders

JD Lovrenciear

Modified 17 May 2012, 5:20 am

Do you laugh or do you lose sleep? Do you cry or do you spit venom?

Indeed the antics staged by the followers of their political patrons clearly indicate that the very party leadership of these stooges who are into burger protests and butt protests in front of the revered Bersih co-chair Ambiga Sreenevasan's residence, are just as helpless and hopeless, while their followers degrade their reputations even further.

Instead of issuing a stern warning against BN sympathisers for rolling politics in the slime, they allow them to carry on their disgusting and uncouth antics in front of Bersih's leader.

We forget that this is one lady who stands on the global dais of honour and dignity having being honoured by none other than the leading lady of the United States of America - the very nation that the prime minister of Malaysia is paddling into this season.

If the BN leadership had immediately acted decisively to curb such derogatory displays, they would have earned respect and kudos.

But no. That is not how BN sees things. It is gripped with fear. With no dignity and honour as its armour, it allows itself to be even further defaced by all these stooges who claim to be the defenders of BN and seeming nationhood.

There are so many creative and dignified ways and mannerisms to register disagreements.

But to sell burgers in front of a citizen and civil society acknowledged-leader who is a confessed vegetarian betrays all civic consciousness; to show your butts in front of her residence is most disgustingly indecent and improper especially if judged by Asian values.

These two acts clearly demonstrate how bankrupt we can get on the political railroad.

Wonder how all these would precipitate into in the eyes of the global citizens in so far as the national reputation of the country is concerned?

When Irene Fernandez states the atrocities committed against foreign nationals, we scream that she is disgracing the nation. But when you condone and indirectly promote such primate behaviour, and it gets viral on the global network, it is a non-issue?

Is this the kind of leadership that must be perpetually consecrated to lead this nation then? Citizens, what is your take please?