Carry out performance audit on Syabas

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I refer to recent water disruptions in Ampang and Wangsa Maju area.

It is a miserable way to start 2013 with water disruptions.

Moreover, the water disruption has lasted for more than seven days and deeply affects the livelihood of the affected consumers.

Access to the supply of clean water is a universal human right as declared by United Nations in 2010.

Section 54 clause (3) of Water Service Industry Act (WSIA) 2006 states that the water distribution licensee shall ensure consumers within its water supply distribution area are supplied with water by taking all necessary steps such as supply of water by water tankers.

However, calls to Syabas requesting for updates and information regarding the time of arrival of the water tankers or even to refill static water tanks were all in vain.

It is reported that in some case, the water tankers arrived at the affected consumer neighbourhood after midnight.

Furthermore, statements from the water operator saying that they do not have enough water tankers to be sent to the consumers are just unacceptable as it shows that the water operator is not prepared and equipped well to face a large scale water disruption.

Water and Energy Consumer Association of Malaysia (Wecam) feels that it is time to review the capability of Syabas as the sole water supply distributor in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya.

It is timely for the National Water Service Commission (Span) to carry out a full independent performance audit in order to determine the capability of Syabas.

Wecam is also urging the water service industry in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya to be restructured as soon as possible in accordance to the WSIA 2006 in order to ensure continuous supply of clean and save water to the consumer.

Stop playing the blame game and ensure water supply for all.

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