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1. It has been reported in the media that MyWatch is slanting towards PKR since the chairperson and adviser are both members of PKR.

I would like to reiterate that we are strictly a NGO and we are not backed by any political party. Our focus will always be on rising crime rate, wrong-doings in the police and assistance to victims of any crime.

2. After our first two press conferences, many people, namely Robert Phang, Mat Zain Ibrahim and Ramli Yusuff, have come out to openly criticise our patron, former IGP Musa Hassan, citing past cases.

I would like to stress that these are all deliberate acts to distract and divert our focus, which is crime.

To comment on their allegations, I would say that most of these cases are old cases that Musa himself has clarified and answered previously. Some of these allegations have been heard and cleared in court.

Therefore it is not wise to talk about it any more unless the cases are being re-opened for investigation.

I would also like to warn those who continue to make false and malicious accusations to immediately stop doing so or we will take legal action.

3. As mentioned in our second press conference, we are in the midst of finalising our legal suit against Phang.

As legal action is under way, all announcements and statements related to him will be made in due time but that doesn't stop us from revealing detailed statistics as promised in our initial press conference.

We are also getting lots of calls from lawyers who want to be part of us and assist us on legal matters, my appreciation to all of them.

4. Musa Hassan has clearly mentioned that there is meddling and interference by home ministers and the chief secretary of the Home Affairs Ministry, Rahim Radzi, into police matters i.e. giving direct instruction to CPO, OCCI's and junior officers but since then there has been no answer by anyone, not even from IGP Ismail Omar, I assume they silently "agree" to what we have revealed.

Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein has responded, asking "Why now?" are these issues are being brought up.

But Musa Hassan had already brought up all these issues while still in service but the home minister has remained silent and no action taken to rectify the matter.

This is probably because the home minister himself wants to continue issuing orders directly to officers without channeling through the IGP.

5. MyWatch has also revealed that we have all the evidence that top police officers are involved in money laundering, illegal gambling, prostitution, football bookies and have direct links with underworld figures and kingpins yet to date there is no answer and no action by IGP.

Why should he choose to keep quiet and why can't he act without fear and favour on corrupt officers?

6. For example, one top police officer was given an all-expenses paid trip overseas to play golf with an underworld kingpin and by taking up this offer aren't they obliged in some way to them?

One of the senior police official's son and daughter is working for a kingpin with "special privileges" and isn't that conflict of interest?

I again invite the IGP Ismail Omar to meet with us so we can pass such evidence to him or we will be forced to make this information public.

All police officers must be accountable for their actions and have more sense of responsibility when dealing with crimes or the public.

7. I urge the prime minister, home minister, IGP and Home Affairs Ministry to come forward and clear the air with what Musa Hassan and MyWatch have revealed if they have nothing to hide from Malaysians.

I also urge police to initiate investigations on all that MyWatch has revealed so far and I hope they'll be very transparent in tackling issues and not applying selective investigations and prosecutions.

8. We have asked for an appointment with IGP Ismail Omar but it has been declined, we hope IGP will meet us to discuss on arising issues pertaining crime in near future.

Plans for MyWatch

1. We will be expanding to individual states and districts and coordinators of MyWatch will be appointed in all state and districts. We will be a police watchdog and crime will be our main focus while we also render our assistance to victims of crimes.

2. Any civilian can be a member of MyWatch and we will also have our own whistleblower section where all private and confidential information on crime and wrongdoings will be received and to be channeled to relevant authorities for further action.

We are ready to work with the police as we are concerned about the crime rate and we would like to help the force to tackle these issues.


We are in the midst of setting up our office and hotline will be available soon for public to call us to share their complaints, issues and any reported crime that police has failed to take action.

Meanwhile members of the public with any complaints or questions on membership can contact me directly at  [email protected] .

4. At this point I can confirm that some 200 new members are in the midst of registering themselves with us to be part of MyWatch.

5. Our next press conference will be scheduled soon where we will make some new announcements and as promised crime statistics will be revealed in stages to public.

R SRI SANJEEVAN is chairperson, Malaysian Crime Watch Task Force (MyWatch).

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