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In response to Mariam Mokhtar's column in Malaysiakini entitled ‘M'sian caped crusader'; tsk, tsk, Mariam, always only telling one side of the story.

Yes, your fans might be willing to swallow everything you write and tell you how great you are and the best thing since sliced bread, etc, but it's important to also highlight the inefficiencies on the other side.

For one, opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, when he was a cabinet minister and then deputy prime minister, was not a big advocate of public rallies, especially if organised by the opposition.

He had chastised DAP more than once for their "protests" and now just because he is on the other side, he makes these protests sound noble.

Even the Honourable MP Karpal Singh, has done about turns of his criticism of Anwar.

This shows MP Karpal dissing Anwar, but now being chummy chummy, because they know Anwar brings an "X factor" of sorts to the Pakatan's fractured alliance.

Then you have DAP which labels BN corrupt and power-hungry, and into money politics, nepotism, cronyism, etc.

So what do they do? They have their internal elections which is tainted and lacks transparency.

Daddy, former secretary-general Lim Kit Siang, helped Junior get the Penang chief minister's job. Are you trying to tell me that dad did not lift one finger, lobby his son?

Easy to point fingers at BN. But when it comes to DAP, suddenly everything is "whiter than white", eh?

PAS, what can I say. Their entire philosophy and existence is religiously motivated. Their purpose is to establish an Islamic state.

Its governance is "what kind of clothes you can wear, who can cut whose hair, and what kind of banners, posters, murals you can and should display etc".

But when it comes to giving one idea on how to govern multi-racial Malaysia. They have no plan, approach, or sincerity to ensure all Malaysians feel welcome in their own home.

And what does this fractured alliance spend their time on? Writing a pre-election manifesto without consultation, without thought and then spend time adding addenda to it.

And Mariam, you don't care if a dysfunctional lot takes over governance, your hate of the government only gives you enough motivation to criticise the government, but not see that the opposition is no better.

As I told someone, good grammar alone won't make a good argument. If you don't want to challenge the opposition and get more convincing plans from them, that's fine.

But the reality is that BN is doing the work, Pakatan just dreams of it.

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