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As we gear towards an imminent dissolution of Parliament, the leaders and political party vanguards are really getting completely violently vile in thought, speech and deeds.

Are we the rakyat and nation-loving people to be left in the lurch and to stomach all this bullying then?

Why on earth is the prime minister of the nation - a leader for all Malaysians, himself also holding a gun to our heads?

BN leaders and party wigs are making all kinds of statements; are smilingly witnessing all kinds of abuse; and allowing all kinds of rubbish to be pumped out through all the mainstream media.

Are these not akin to holding a gun to the citizens' heads?

They say that the nation will go bust if they are not returned to power.

They say the nation will be in chaos if they are not elected into power.

Some even go the distance to threaten that there will be racial clashes if they are not returned to power.

They rile the rakyat to cry for murder - as in the incident where the crowds screamed "Kill Tian Chua", recently.

What is all these? Are we back to a wild-wild-west timeline?

Does this country belong solely to the BN machinery and their cartel of kingpins?

Are we the rakyat to pawn our rights and allegiance to a singular political party and not remain as the true and loyal subjects of the king.

If the prime minister is going to lose his job because of BN's failure in the coming polls, is that the rakyat's problem?

Should it not then be solely the political party - Umno's problems? Why hold a gun to the citizens' heads for your own job security?

Please politicians, battle the elections by all means with sensible and legitimate justifications as to why we the voters should consider voting you to form the machinery that will govern.

Consistently enlighten the voters on what your singular and collective achievements have been, but leave the judgment to the voters. Don't point a gun to our heads while seemingly patting our backs.

BN be reminded. Malaysia is a sovereign nation not a communist regime or socialist republic.

It is not a police state or a military junta, please. It should be a democratic nation of people with a constitutional monarchy.

Its citizens have the absolute freedom to elect democratically the political party that will form the government.

Therefore, nobody, not even the current prime minister of the nation, has the autonomy and power to demand to be returned to power.

Political parties can come in or go bust every five years, but our revered ruler and his fervent subjects remain supreme in this constitutional monarchy, Malaysia.

This the politicians especially those in BN must learn and accept out of loyalty to King, subjects and nation. Otherwise they are guilty of rigging this nation and should be charged with treason. Yes?

So politicians stop pointing a gun to the citizens' heads and demanding that the voting population vote for BN only.

You are not indispensable as much as your opposition camp is not indispensable.

Stop gloating on all the success you have brought as seen in your 'Satu Lagi Projek Oleh Barisan Nasional' billboard publicity.

Success is not for you to crow; success is what you were put there in the first place to deliver.

So go bury your guns if you are serious about putting BN back on the saddle come GE13.


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