Hunger strike is not the solution

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After 22 days of fasting Hindraf leader Waythamoorthy finally was forced to end his hunger strike after he collapsed and had to be rushed to hospital.

The question in everybody's mind is whether his hunger strike achieved his intended objective.

I do not think hunger strikes in general will serve any purpose in our country today.

The Indians cannot afford to lose a leader like Waythamoorthy especially at this most critical time of the nation's history when Malaysians are about to rewrite its destiny, with the opportunity provided by the 13th general election.

Many of the Indians in pathetic states of poverty and severe socioeconomic problems need to be assisted to stand on their own feet as they are greatly debilitated after years of marginalisation and neglect by BN and MIC and to a certain extent by their own folly.

Not many of us may agree with the ways of Waythamoorthy and Hindraf to represent the Indians but we still need their services and their participation in national politics especially in Pakatan.

They have the much knowledge and experience of the Indian problems which may be invaluable in the formulation of long-term policies to uplift the Indian community.

I am sure well-meaning Malaysians of all races would join me in urging Waythamoorthy to quickly get back on his feet to continue his struggles peacefully with Pakatan leaders who offer the only hope for the Indian community after 55 years of miserable failure.

The Indian community needs the services of all right thinking citizens of Indian origin including, Waythamoorty in their struggle to improve their well-being and that of the country.

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