Pasir Mas confirms Umno and Perkasa are bedmates

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It would be interesting to find out whether Umno-BN will back Ibrahim Ali , who was not picked as an Umno candidate for Pasir Mas.

When the Umno Pasir Mas candidate chose to opt out of the contest, it was a shocking decision.

Perkasa president, Ibrahim Ali was not picked because he was not considered a winnable candidate, unlike his deputy, Zulkifli Noordin, who shocked the nation with his derogatory remarks against the Hindus and their deities.

The fact that Ibrahim Ali was not picked was also a tight slap on the face of former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad. It shows that Dr Mahathir’s influence and his political interference is getting weaker every day.

Kelantan Umno liaison committee chairperson Mustapa Mohamed was also shocked, when Umno’s own ‘winnable candidate’ never turned up for the nomination. I wonder how Najib Razak defined a winnable candidate – someone who betrays his own party?

Now that Umno’s own winnable candidate is a no-show in Pasir Mas, would the Umno general election machinery support or campaign for Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali?

Umno will have a lot to explain to all Malaysians if it campaigns for Ibrahim Ali, especially after the things that Perkasa has done over the years. If Ibrahim Ali leans towards Umno, would Umno now lean towards Ibrahim Ali, whom Najib had rejected as a ‘winnable candidate’?

It is interesting to watch what Umno will do now, and what kind of spin they will come out with when they choose to support Ibrahim Ali.

To me, it would be obvious that Perkasa is part of Umno and Umno is Perkasa at its worst.

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