Does Azmin have qualities worthy of an MB?

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It is embarrassing enough for PKR that Selangor after one week has still not settled on its menteri besar, thanks to one individual who sticks out in his party politics like a sore thumb.

After a dramatic general election and PKR-Pakatan’s failure to win the election, owing to a number of factors both outside and within, it seems people like Azmin Ali and his band of supporters still have not learnt the painful lesson.

The road ahead to Putrajaya is long and fraught with difficulties and obstacles. Yet it seems all is forgotten as some people in PKR are only setting their sights on their short term goal - power, as instant gratification.

And so a bunch of PKR members seem to think Azmin deserves to be the Selangor MB. But on what basis? The man who helms this most important state in the country must not only be a good administrator, but a good businessman. Khalid Ibrahim has done a sterling job and it is no surprise that Selangorians want him back to finish what he has started.

Now, what has Azmin got to bring to the table? What is his experience as compared to Khalid’s? Well, we have not heard any reasons for his desire to be MB except tantrums that the party members had not been consulted and vague allusions to “nepotism” should Khalid continue a second term.

Really? Show evidence. Show us your worth, why do you think you are better than Khalid? We have seen none.

On the other hand, Selangorians can round up a dozen reason why Azmin would not get their vote to be MB. For one, the extreme lack of tact in handling the MB issue shows a severe lack of leadership, maturity and lack of values such as humility, foresight and selflessness that we expect from the head of state.

He puts his own interest ahead of those of his party, the coalition and the people when just after the GE he makes public statements and holds a press conference that embarrasses the opposition. He shows a total lack of respect for the views of his party elders and those of his coalition partners.

We have had enough of such leaders in the past, that is why many want BN-Umno out. Azmin, sadly, is following the footsteps of the very leaders Malaysians are sick of seeing and hearing from. If he continues to behave in this way, I have no doubt voters will send him to the dustbin in the next election.

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