Tsunami of change will not be denied

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As Adolph Hitler is a stigma on German and human history, a cursed personification of all that is evil with his fascist ideas on race and politics, former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad looks doomed to suffer the same ignominious fate after the GE13 results.

Malaysians voted decisively to reject the old politics of race and religion and corrupt governance left behind by the man who changed his country for the worse just like Hitler did.

The new politics of the new generation of young voters added to the persistent efforts of their parents' generation offer the hope of change that the Pakatan Rakyat promote.

When the politicians of hope merge with the people for change then change is inevitable sooner or later and the people will not have their general election like GE13 stolen again.

People should not accept electoral rigging and there should be new elections if independent sources like the Bersih tribunal can provide hard evidence of fraud, for those electorates affected.

The chairperson of the Election Commission should resign as he has failed to safeguard the credibility of his commission.

The electoral boundaries must be redrawn and the Election Commission reorganised with checks and balances that prevent the cheating that was reported in GE13.

I heard from the lips of a man whose brother saw a helicopter drop what purportedly were voting ballots onto a field, and such accounts are difficult to brush aside.

Reports of Pakatan politicians abandoning the coalition en bloc are disturbing and if they pan out to be true may be yet another obstacle to be overcome by the peaceful political revolution that is the pulse of the nation I feel everywhere I go.

It will not stop the revolution for change because the people's agenda is bigger than any politician's personal agenda.

Politicians who were elected by the people but reneged to stymie their hopes in abandoning the Pakatan juggernaut of change will turn to dust like all the others because they will be seen as betrayers of the people.

They surfed to success on the wave of popular opposition against the BN front and not their own capability.

They should take a reality check and not think highly of themselves but think more of the people's welfare and the need for unity of purpose.

What is the point of holding elections if voters are defrauded by those who should be protecting the sanctity of the ballot boxes? The public displays of peaceful but vociferous protests deserve public support. A friend said being in the crowd was enough for him to feel happy to be a part of the democratic revolution for change.

The liars and failed politicians paint GE13 as a racial tsunami but the truth is the Malays not just the Chinese are all out to remove the corrupt BN government they hated. And I mean hate. Only a corrupt government can make the people hate them, not politicians of hope and change.

I met this Malay man who took two days off work to help Pakatan during GE13. It was a sacrifice for him to forego his wages. In his forties, he berated the politicians who he said cheated because many of his Malay friends voted for Anwar Ibrahim.

And in a place outside the city I met this thirty-something Malay woman all dressed in black from tudung downwards who was in obvious mourning for the opposition loss which she, too, felt was due to cheating. She unashamedly told me she was with Umno before.

If the corrupt politicians and the corrupt government do not mend their ways they will dig their own political graves because the people are passionate for change and want clean and decent governance.

People power is simply the crystallisation of years of frustration, repression and injustice and cannot be stopped.

In Malaysia the political revolution is picking up pace and Anwar Ibrahim is the catalyst and will remain a formidable ally as much as leader of the people for change.

Those who think the people will be cheated out of the government they want need to listen to what the people who want change are saying.

Their common complaint is a corrupt government and corrupt politicians are the cause of their discontent and politicians like Mahathir have no role in a new Malaysia of hope and justice.


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