Rising to the defence of PKR Women's wing chief

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With reference to your report published on May 17 with the heading ' PKR pushes for greater control of Khalid's admin ', I would like to address claims by those who commented negatively on Keadilan's Women's Wing chief Zuraida Kamaruddin.

As a matter of personal opinion, I am inclined to remind the readers that their misconception of our chief is mainly due to the way the article was written which, unfortunately, led readers askew.

This is in no way meant to criticise the famed Aidila Razak, but merely to praise her as worthy of showing how the mighty pen may slay, even though unintentionally.

What Zuraida had said during the interview was "fair comment" and within the boundaries of a national leader in the party hierarchy.

The article which highlighted the intense lobbying seemed to negatively portray to the readers that putting forth suggestions should not be encouraged.

Conversely, this is good indication of a healthy democratic party where voices are being heard, where there are checks and balance even from within.

Pakatan keeping to path

That being said, the decision lies with Khalid Ibrahim and his final decision will be supported and respected.

The Penang situation is more or less similar - with all three exco members from Keadilan being of Malay origin.

Even though some party members are unhappy because no Chinese leaders from Keadilan were being appointed as exco members, the same cannot be said from the peoples' point of view.

The Penang Pakatan Rakyat exco member line-up reflects a well-balanced and multi-racial team.

While unease may easily translate and be misconstrued as racism, much of the decisions made are in tandem with the larger picture and the direction of Pakatan Rakyat's promise to uphold justice, multi-racialism and progressive thinking.

For multi-racialism to thrive, we must first of all discard our tendency to think along racial lines.

I do hope that readers will judge fairly the intricacies of internal politics and media portrayal, together with some thought given to a writer's prejudices.

CAROLYN KHOR is Penang PKR Wanita vice-chief and national PKR Wanita committee member.


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