Kedah Blackout 505 must finally peal bells to BN

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Indeed, the rakyat keep telling the BN-Umno time and time again that they are not happy with the outcome of GE13. What the throngs of rakyat gathering across the nation in black are saying is that they want acceptable, transparent and immediate answers to the many questions relating to the reported irregularities pre-election and post-election even before they can accept or reject the post-election outcome.

The Blackout 505 is not an Anwar crusade. Neither is it a Chinese war fanfare. It certainly is not a rebellion of sorts to begin with. What is so difficult to understand about this?

Blackout 505 is a crystal clear reflection of a rakyat that is increasing being edged to the cliff of agitated frustration caused by the mishandling of issues and concerns by BN-Umno given the latter’s spiced-up and outmoded threats, flexing of muscles and deep seated arrogance - to begin with.

It is most mind-boggling that despite having the unstoppable money flows and unhindered access to all kinds of political and social consultants, BN-Umno still seems to be tackling the rakyat’s concerns by rubbing the latter up the wrong way.

The most recent Blackout 505 crowd turn-up at Kota Serang Semut, Kedah, perhaps would seal the final stamp on all those who still operate in a denial mode. The clue is in the very name of the venue, ‘ Sarang Semut ’.

BN-Umno must wake up and realise what happens when an elephant stampedes on a ‘ sarang semut ’. Despite its size and long lifespan, the elephant is no match to the diligent semut especially when its sarang gets stamped on.

Kedah folk have given a permanent seal to Black 505. It is non-sectarian; it is also not racially coloured. It is not about challenging the nation's sovereignty either.

Sarang Semut’ has added in a loud, transparent and affirmative manner that Blackout 505 cuts across all races and all religions. It has given the final seal that Black 505 is not going to take ‘no’ for an answer.

Umno-BN must wake up. It cannot go on and on and operate in contradictions.

You cannot have trumpets being sounded for a ‘reconciliation’ when on the flip side you also brandish your brutal swords.

The semut will go around the hindrance

Let truth be told without a fleeting fear or shades of favour. The newly-minted home minister appearing in the tabloids with the police chief and reports of his warnings to the rakyat will only bring the elephant closer and faster to the sarang semut.

Denying permits and throwing all kinds of boulders into the path of the semut (rakyat) line is not going to stop the latter in their tracks. The semut will go around that mountain of hindrance.

Remember, today more and more management gurus are preaching the wisdom of learning strategies through their observation of the communicative and socio-political behavior of all life-forms.

So wise-up, BN-Umno. Admit that your strategies are failing.

Tackle the issues and serious concerns in a manner that earns praise and ignites hope. If you are truly invincible, challenge the opposition parties to a re-election in all the disputed constituencies.

If the Election Commission (EC) has failed, have the humility to admit where things have gone wrong. Set up an independent commission of sorts with even members from the local and international fraternity to establish transparently what went wrong and who is to be held accountable.

If you are able to come clean, you will earn the rakyat’s endorsement for another 50 years. Why not!

But at the way things have being steam-rolled these past weeks, it might just be too late for BN to redeem itself - even with the might of the forces.

Already all the trumpet calls for reconciliation by the PM seem to have expired owing to the contradictory hollering from the unthinking mouths of certain leaders and the cowboy gun-slinger tactics of a few at the helm, too.

Analysts who are not on the ringgit-pipeline of the BN-Umno but can speak without vested interests except for the sacrosanct principles of democracy will vouch that Blackout 505 Kota Sarang Semut has said it all.

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